Impact investment outcomes

Thinking — March 2021

T8 Energy Vision is addressing carbon dioxide emissions in listed companies

T8 Energy Vision is an impact fund with a difference. The entire portfolio is dedicated to identifying and investing in companies that provide a tangible contribution to the world’s shift to clean energy. The difference to the average impact fund is that T8 Energy Vision aims to and has demonstrated an ability to generate above average returns.

We observe that ESG investing tends to focus on avoiding identified companies exposed to industries such as tobacco, weapons, gambling, alcohol, and thermal coal but ignores the fact that listed companies account for c.1/3 of global carbon dioxide emissions.

Our research indicates that >90% of these emissions come from the utilities, energy, transport, and materials sectors. T8 Energy Vision’s ‘raison d’être’ is to invest in clean energy companies which address this challenge with economically sound solutions and do so in a sustainable, ethical manner (our proprietary approach to ESG, which is managed by a dedicated member of our team, is not just a negative filter).